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Tequila Comisario... quite simply, the finest tequila in the World.


Elite Beverage International has spent the past two years developing brand awareness, reputation and value for Tequila Comisario, entering this ultra-premium tequila in key competitions, well-recognized industry tastings, and other notable events, that time and time again, Tequila Comisario exceeded all expectations.


All three types... Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo have consistently commanded the highest awards and industry honors.


Most tequila brands have a single flagship brand... Tequila Comisario boasts three winning expressions recognized at the highest level across a myriad of well-respected and discerning palates. This fact is based on an impressive and consistent record of garnering 90 points+ Double Gold, Gold and Silver Medals over the last two years.


Tequila Comisario was named the “Best New Tequila of 2017” by Cigar & Spirits Magazine (an important industry trade journal and luxury lifestyle magazine), 98 Points by Cigar & Spirits Mag., and Double Gold at China Wine &
Spirits Competition – the most influential competition in China.


The value of these honors cannot be overstated. They are significant and the culmination of our concerted efforts over the last two years. 

Best practices are used in the production of Tequila Comisario, guaranteeing product compliance with the specifications required for
consumption, while offering a superior quality product that surpasses the rules that have been established by the Mexican


Thus, Tequila Comisario complies with the official norms of the Board of Tequila Regulations that verify and protect the
denomination and origin of tequila across the globe. Tequila Comisario is produced under the “cleaner production program,” which
reduces pollution and environmental risk while guaranteeing efficiency in the use of materials and process optimization.


This combination ensures improved quality, less waste, and lower operating costs. All natural processes are used in the production of
Tequila Comisario, and we never use any type of accelerator to reduce the time of fermentation.



ELITE BEVERAGE INTERNATIONAL owns the Tequila Comisario brand, while also having exclusive North America and China distribution rights to Sensi Wines, as well as a number of other renowned products.