Image by David García Sandoval

Humble Beginnings

During the 18th century King Charles III, the Spanish ruler who controlled Mexico, was so concerned that the popularity of tequila would dramatically impact the sales of Spanish wine and liquors that he banned the production of tequila.  Despite King Charles's efforts, the desire of the native people to satisfy their thirst for tequila soon overpowered his original demands. 

As a result of the natives action this brought upon the era of prohibition, which ultimately caused the natives to secretly produce tequila in the mountains around Los Altos, the highland region above Guadalajara.  Hidden in these hills were multiple distilleries. All of them were protected by the Commissioner, who alerted them when the Spanish soldiers would search the area.

As a tribute to the Commissioner they created a very special tequila they named Tequila Comisario.  The recipes only recently discovered and re-created to make the multi-award winning tequila from the Highlands of Jalisco.